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NoraPennysm.jpgNora has been an animal activist and quasi-vegetarian as a result of her love of animals for 25 years. Nora has done rescue dog work and volunteered at animal functions. People have always asked her to care for their pets when they're away. Now she wants to do what is most meaningful to her.  She has owned both dogs and horses all her life.

Nora has always had a deep and abiding respect and belief in the human/animal bond.  Dogs service society in so many ways, they deserve to be treated like the little angels that they are.  Having gotten a master's degree in social work and been in that field for 20 years,  Nora has known the positive benefits animals have on people's mental health.  Other people have caught on and now there is animal assisted therapy. She also has extensive experience in horse handling, and has some knowledge of natural horsemanship.

Although I am not a trainer, I am very sensitive to your animal's needs and behaviors.

Nora Coyle, licensed clinical social worker

  • trained in animal assisted therapy
  • trained in equine assisted psychotherapy