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Tails A Wag Inn

“Give your dog a vacation
while you take your own.”

Our pets are our family. They deserve a loving
home while you are away. Their daily routine
is kept as close as possible and their special
needs are taken care of.

We love all of our doggie guests. And they
will too!

- Nora

Fill out our request form to see
if your dog qualifies for our service.
This is special loving care for your fur kid in a home environment.  It is nothing like a pet sitting or pet boarding environment.  This is my home and I am here with them 80% of the time. Your dog is allowed the run of the house, furniture and yard, CAGE FREE.  The only time I crate is when the owners ask me to do so as their "kid" has been trained that way and finds it soothing.

We welcome well behaved dogs who are housebroken, neutered, or will be soon, typically over six months old unless they have very good manners (I am not a trainer, but have pretty good insight into dog behavior), and are over the "bad habits" stage.

We prefer a week's notice at least., more during summer and holidays.  We like to meet with you and your dog before the date for their stay to ensure this is a good fit for all concerned.  It helps decrease separation anxiety.

We typically take in only one family's dog at a time, but will consider one other family's dog if it is agreeable with both families.  It is best if both dogs meet together before the booking and then both families can determine if they believe their dog will get along well with the other.

These are guidelines and are subject to consideration for each individual situation.